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NHSC-approved sites may carry different HPSA scores for each discipline i.e. mental and behavioral health, primary care, and dental. If, for example, the qualifying HPSA score for your scholar class assignment is 18 or above, a site that has a HPSA score of 19 for dental and a 6 for primary care, would. NHSC-approved sites that do not meet the HPSA score requirements for NHSC scholars may post job openings on the Health Workforce Connector, which connects sites with thousands of job seekers, including NHSC Loan Repayment Program and Nurse Corps participants. However, sites must be aware that such openings are not available for scholar placement in this class year. Note: An NHSC-approved site may no longer be available, or its HPSA score may change, by the time you are ready to serve. If you interview at a site and submit an official travel request via your BHW Customer Service Portal account, we will honor the original HPSA score of the site for up to six months after the date of your interview, even if the site’s HPSA score changes.

HPSA Find. The Health Professional Shortage Area HPSA Find tool displays data on the geographic, population, and facility HPSA designations throughout the U.S. Quite possibly. In recent years, only HPSA with a score of 16 or above have been eligible to receive a NHSC loan repayers, and only those with an 18 or above could receive a NHSC Scholar. It is quite possible but not guaranteed that these cut-off scores will change when auto-HPSA scores. the NHSC LRP will pay the remaining balance of the total qualifying educational loans. In order to receive the maximum award amount identified above, the applicant must remain working at an NHSC-approved service site, located in a HPSA, designated for their discipline and specialty with a HPSA score of 14 or above throughout the contract period. It awards points based on whichever of these indicators provide the higher score. Dental Health HPSA Scoring. Dental Health HPSAs can receive a score between 0-26. This is a broad overview of the four components used in Dental HPSA scoring: Mental Health Scoring. Mental health HPSA can receive a score between 0-25. The NHSC has determined that a minimum HPSA score of 18 for all service-ready NHSC scholars will enable it to meet its statutory obligation to identify a number of entities eligible for NHSC scholar placement that is at least equal to, but not greater than, twice the number of NHSC scholars available to serve in the 2018-2019 placement cycle.

Health Professional Shortage Areas HPSAs are designations that indicate health care provider shortages in primary care, dental health; or mental health. These shortages may be geographic-, population-, or facility-based: Geographic Area. A shortage of providers for the entire population within a defined geographic area. Population Groups. The Health Resources and Services Administration HRSA is the primary Federal agency for improving access to health care services for people who are uninsured, isolated, or medically vulnerable.

Auto-HPSA scores should reflect current data. Auto-HPSA scores should be based on data that reflects current levels of need Auto-HPSA scores must be updated The Shortage Designation Modernization Project utilizes the existing HPSA scoring criteria. No changes to the criteria have been made. 12.04.2018 · You can switch as many times as you want. You just need the NHSC’s approval before you switch or else you could be switching to something that doesn’t qualify. You would only be restricted by any contracts that you sign at the site. Another factor to consider is that the NHSC will pay to relocate you, but only once. So if you get a job. Find Shortage Areas by Address. Enter an address to determine whether it is located in a shortage area: HPSA Geographic, HPSA Geographic High Needs, or Population Group HPSA or an MUA/P. The SDMP initiative gives greater transparency, accountability, and uniformity to the HPSA designation and scoring process. SDMS uses standardized data from several trusted sources and streamlines the data submitted by state Primary Care Offices PCOs.

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